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We craft meaningful brand that captivates your target audience

We understand that your business needs more than likes, engagement and reach. You need an idea that has direct influence on your brand. We create contents and visuals that attracts. CreativeWox is the branding and design agency you can trust

Branding and Design Company In Ibadan

Custom branding & design services
tailored to your unique brand identity

We design captivating brand identity for new businesses

To leave a lasting impression on your audience, first impressions is crucial. It is vital you create a positive one by branding the right way. CreativeWox will help craft your brand logo, content et al.

We help manage your brand and provide winning strategies

At CreativeWox, we develop a strategic plan to uphold your brand value towards its target market by measuring and interpreting brand performance.

We design a robust additional brand assets and stationary

We work with you to create matching brand assets and stationary such as social media banners, business cards, letterheads, Identity cards, packaging email templates and more

We breathe freshness into your existing business - we reboot your brand

Is your brand loosing its flavour in the market and you wish to get it back to being the talk of the town. Yes, I guess. Our rebranding process is easy and seamless

A modern and strategic approach
to branding and design

Craft Brand Strategy

Behind every successful brand is a thoughtful strategy. We kick off by conducting a research to understand your brand goals, target audience, competitors and unique selling point (USP).

We take it further by crafting a brand message that audience can resonate with .

Branding and Design Company In Ibadan

Designing Brand Identity

Based on the outcome of our strategy session, we start work on your brand identity - logo, typography, letterhead, buisness card etc
We'll forward the brand identity concept we come up to you for perusal. We further work with you to ensure you are satisfied.
Upon finalizing to your taste, we'll send you the finished brand concept in different formats for digital and print use

Branding and Design Company In Ibadan

Creating Touchpoints

Having ensured you are satisfied with the brand identity design, we begin finalizing the branding process. We create; brand guidelines (interpretation of color scheme, typeface etc), initiate trademark protection etc

Branding and Design Company In Ibadan

Design Brand Identity

Below are the activities for this stage:
Clarify brand strategy
Develop a positioning platform
Co-create brand attribute
Write a brand brief
Achieve agreement
Create a naming strategy
Develop a key message (tagline)
Write a creative brief


Creating Trustworthy Digital Experiences
That Connects Humans To Brands

Logo Design

A logo outline is your first intro to a potential client. That is the reason a well-crafted logo can take your business to the higher level​

Creative Designs

We start with the customer in mind. We create designs that rouses, addresses yearnings and needs.​

Packaging Design

We experience draft after draft of designs and typefaces to discover the structures that best resonate to purchasers' dynamic wants​

Outdoor Marketing

We do this through all assortments of media channels – print or computerized. We give your brand the right identity in the world​

Motion Graphics

This adds vitality and enthusiasm to your brand giving more room for creativity. We engage as much as we brand.​

Reboot Brand

Has your brand lost its steam or you feel like the style doesn't address your qualities, our reboot button will fix it all.​

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Take advantage of our bespoke website design,
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Corporate websites that build trust. E-Commerce and marketing websites that drive sales. With experience working on over 450 projects, we are the company to talk to about your web design goals.

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Corporate websites that build trust. E-Commerce and marketing websites that drive sales. With experience working on over 450 projects, we are the company to talk to about your web design goals.

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